Thursday, July 19, 2007

July 19, 2007

I am an adult now... Officially.
So what does that mean? I really have no clue. Perhaps the idea of being able to make choices, the kinds of choices your parents made for you, are now your own to make... I guess that is what makes so many look forward to the age of 18, when you become responsible for your actions.
It is easy to lose that innocence and free spirit of youth, the kind that makes life always on a happy slant.

Kids want to be adults, and adults want to be kids.

I want to be me, thankful for where I am, right now. Who I am with, and what work I have been given.
A wise man, and grip by profession told me yesterday, "Remember that wherever you are, there you are."

Here I am.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Making Your Mark

Life comes with that challenge. You probably know the one I refer to quite well, it is a search for a fundamental answer to a question we all are born asking, whether we are aware of it or not.

"Who am I? And why am I alive?" It is so basic, but at the same time, many have given up on finding an answer, and others (un)settle on going through the motions of living, trying everything that seems to promise some degree of happiness.
If you are indeed human, I am sure you search for purpose and something that seems to make sense and answer those nagging questions.
So do you settle? Do you keep moving on? What are you supposed to do? Life feels doomed to a bummer ending before it ever began. I don't know about you, but everyday I awake from dreams I can't explain, entering a world that I more often than not, feel very confused about, and then do things to keep myself alive and pursue dreams I hope come true, but like my cunfuzled night dreaming, I can't explain why I dream them and feel that my purpose lies in them.

Is it true then, what Solomon says in Ecclesiastes? "Meaningless, all of life is meaningless."

Something is not right. Something is terribly, terribly wrong. I was made for more than this, I just know it!
Why do some people seem to just know the answer? Why do people who seem to lose the most of what makes us the happiest, somehow the most joyful people we know?

Back to the challenge, to find meaning...

Its seems most of our American culture today seems to be sculpted around entertainment, thoughtful or not. Just keep looking at images meant to distract, and your eyes are kept away from the truth.
The truth is that all is not right here in this world. As close or as far as you choose to look, there is suffering that screams for help, for compassion from those more fortunate.
And we seem to make as little of an impact as we can on very much of anything, and avoid both conflict and the knowledge of pain in others. For all of us, it is much easier to watch people live life, than really live our own the way we were meant too. And as a challenge, as much for me as anyone else, nothing but knowing the dangerous, fascinating, and very real God of the universe, and having a relationship with Him can make sense and give a very distorted image the clarity of eternity.